Thursday, February 20, 2014

Van Nilam Neruppu... unplugged

Song : Van Nilam - {Unplugged}
Music : KB Unnikrishnan
Lyrics : Leela Narayanaswamy
Performed by : KB Unnikrishnan & Renuka Arun Kumar
Keys : Niran Kumar
Offline Mixing : Sibu Sukumaran
I was so inspired by a poem written by Leela Narayanaswamy. Rahul Soman a good friend of mine introduced to this poem. She has written a tribute to nature. I made a humble request to give me an abstract of her poem so she gave 6 lines. I am not sure if I have done justice to the lines. This is my effort to do a song for nature. Special thanks to Rahul for malayalam chorus portion. This is an unplugged version performed by me, my friends Niran and Renuka.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


This song is about a guy who was betrayed by his girl friend.
He is sharing his feelings to his best friend with some spirit.
Please share and encourage
Best !!!
Song Title : Senti
Lyrics, Concept : Sajeev Sarathie
Music : KB Unnikrishnan
Guitar : Sumesh Parameswar
Studios : Fine Mix ,Cochin / Geetham Studios, Thodupuzha
Vocals : KB Unnikrishnan , Niran Koottungal
जरा सेंटी हो रहा हूँ,
मुझको टल्ली न समझना, मेरे यारा,
जरा कॉर्ड्स तो दे तू,
सुन दिल का सदा,
क्यों हम जिस पे जान लुटाए,
वो हम से ही जान छुडाये रे,
फीलिंग्स को वो समझ न पाए क्यों बता...
न शायरी के
जज़्बात समझें,
न वो इमोशनस्
का साज़ समझे,
दिल का तो बाजा बजा है,
सबको पता है बस उसको नहीं खबर


This song has been close to my heart for several reasons. I did this song in 2012 but had to wait until now for getting it mixed. I hope you will like it. It is a simple romantic number. A humble attempt from my and m friends Rahul and Sibu.
I have enabled Downloading so that you can listen and share. Please do share via FB and Twitter if you like this.
Song Title : Mizhiyil
Lyrics : Rahul Soman
Music & Vocals : KB Unnikrishnan
Programming & Audio : Sibu Sukumaran


A song for all dreamers. One day all your dream will come true.. Keep going.
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Song : Orunal
Music by : Shasidhar
Lyrics by : Rahul Soman
Guitar : Sudeip Ghosh
Sung and Produced by : K B Unnikrishnan

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kannuneer Thulliyen...

Published on Apr 14, 2012 by rainloversmedia
മഴ തുള്ളികള്‍ പോലെ വീണുടയുന്ന, ഒരായിരം ഓര്‍മകളുടെ നൊമ്പരം കൊണ്ടൊരു കവിത.

Kannuneer Thulliyen...
Music and Rendition by : K B Unnikrishnan
Lyrics : Aswin Krishna
Layering and Engineering : Sibu Sukumaran (Noys Odyos)
Published by : Rain Lovers Media

Free download of track :
Kannuneer Thulliyen by RainLoversMedia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

Released by: rainloversmedia
Release date: Apr 15, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Swami Ayyappa

Swami Ayyappa is a modern devotional music album by dreaming nomads and Ripples. This was an experiment and was well received around the last Pilgrim Season.

Thanks to Rahul and Dreaming Nomads. Was a very intense experience.

Singer: Unnikrishnan K B

Lyrics: Rahul Soman

Music & Programming: Anoop Bhat

Bass & Mixing: Norbert Aniesh Anto

Editing: Jobin Komaroth

Direction: Abrooz (Abraham Joseph) & Bimal S Parayil

Youtube :

Sound Cloud :

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ninavil Thedumare.. {Original Composition}

t was my pleasure to join hands with my friends for this Original Composition. I joined the team at the last stage and I thought it would be better if you guys read about the song from The creators perception.

Youtube :


Prologue: A calm and quite evening in Bangalore, café coffee day at Koramangla didn’t have its usual crowd. Maybe they knew before hand that two music enthusiasts would arrive there today if I were to exaggerate a bit. But to be honest when Sushanth and I walked into the shop, that was not the atmosphere that I expected. We sat down comfortably, peering out of the window, seeing the cars flowing in the roads reminding us of the hastiness our life has become accustomed to. It didn’t take long through the sipping of coffee for us to reach our favorite topic music. We were discussing our works and that’s when Sushanth played his latest work based on Hamsadhwani ragam. I fell in love with the song on the first play itself. But you guys know meJ, I hid my excitement. When he asked me if I could try a Malayalam version of the tamil song he played, I casually accepted giving him my usual excuse to not expect it soon. We left there without poor Sushanth knowing the plans that I had in mind.

I reached home and couldn’t resist hearing the tune again. I mean this was one of the best compositions that Sushanth has ever produced. I had to be a part of it. Slowly, I plugged my earphones and let the song take over me. After a while, a familiar sensation started to envelope me. Yes, the tune started singing the Malayalam lyrics to me, and I quickly got up to jot it down. Voila, the song lyric is ready and folks it was meter perfect on the first chance (rarely happens in my case). I send the lyrics to Sushanth, who took no time in sending me a rough track. We decided that the lyrics don’t need any rework and that we can go ahead with singing it. Oops, I forgot to mention that the song was already orchestrated by our talented Eshwar aka ER. Hence, I can’t relate any incidents or experience to it as I was not involved at that stage. Maybe Eshwar will be kind enough to jot down a few lines in the comment section.

When, we approached Unni to sing this and he gave us the first version in 2 hours. We had concluded that this song had to be in Unni’s voice because from there on we couldn’t imagine it in somebody else’s voice. The kind of impact Unni’s rendition leaves on a person is unexplainable. We will be forever indebted for the subtle variations that he bought into this song.

We had a tough time getting the right mix for this song and finally we did get it. I am so glad to have worked with such perfectionists who never settle for something lesser.

I won’t be providing any translation of the lyrics as I feel that I have written a very simple one. But I will give you a summary of what I wrote:

The song explores the mind of a lover, who has an untold love in his heart. He longs for his lover to recognize the love in his words, eyes. He invites her to view the beautiful image of hers that he has instilled in his heart. He is lost in her voice that reminds him of the gentle rain. He remembers that how all his memories have faded away and that her first remains to be his first memory. He concludes how his mind and life is filled with her… and the longing continues….

Friends… love can be so beautiful… this is for all those untold ones we had… cherish it…J


This is a composition of mine which is very close to my heart… This was a song which I took very less time to compose, when compared to the others that I have… Just wanted to keep this song relatively simple… Have alway wanted to do a song in Hamsadhwani raagam and this was just an humble attempt of mine…

When I first approached Eshwar with this tune, he was more than happy to work with me on it and readily accepted it… We had a couple of skype calls and telecons regarding this song, as it was in its infancy… I must say that Eechu worked really hard on this song, as the only criteria I put forth was tht the BGM had to be simple, soothing, but yet an enticing one… Incorporating all three was a difficult job, but Eechu came back to me with more than what I wanted… Owe you one bro, for all the hard work you put in… :D

Was very very very thrilled to see Rahul’s reaction and response when he first heard the tune… To be perfectly honest, have never seen that kinda glow on his face upon hearing any of my other compositions for the 1st time… :D This made me all the more happy about this song… Thanks bro for the wonderful (as always) lyrics!! Means a lot for me to be working with you on an original…

Now, how can we forget the most important part of the song? The Singer… I have always been awestruck by Unni’s singing talent and always wanted to collaborate with him… What better way can I think of, than having him sing my original work!!! It personally means a LOT to me!! I was sure Unni would do a fab job and to be perfectly honest he took this song of ours to the next level, which was exactly what we all expected him to do!! Thank you once again for the lovely rendition bro!! :) Hope to work with you on lot more songs…

In short, I cannot have asked for more… This is such a GREAT team to work with!! Was an awesome experience for me… :)

Hope you all enjoy this humble effort of ours and encourage… Thanks guys!! :D

My new Original
Lyrics / Rahul Soman
Music / Sushanth Shankar
Singer / K.B.Unnikrishnan
Orchestra / Eshwar Ravisankar